Rolex DateJust Lady 31 Model 178271

Rolex DateJust Lady 31Lately the watches that have come across my desk have been so gorgeous I want to buy them all for my wife, and myself but alas, my wallet and my business don’t work that way. Most of the watches that I buy go into our vault here at work and stay there for months before they make into a new wrist or are sold on eBay.

Sometimes they are traded with other watch dealers, which is always great, depending on what the trade is for, but this beauty is one of those watches that when it comes in, any watch dealer is thrilled for a few reasons.

1. It’s a relatively new model
2. It’s a midsize ladies model
3. It’s only a couple of years old and in excellent condition
4. It’s rose gold and stainless
5. It’s scattered diamonds around the bezel