Rolex stands for many things, but the main thing it stands for is fine watches.  We decided that a timeline was in order of the history of the watches that Rolex has produced over the years.  Follow the rich history from when the Rolex name became a registered trademark to present day, where the brand now carries more than 170 models in over 3,200 combinations.  Although Rolex as a company has had its ups and downs, as a mainstay luxury watch that stands the test of time, it has never lost its value or appeal.  From sailing to diving and flying to driving these watches can go from the boardroom, the ballroom and then on to the boat and still not only keep time but still look good.

I love my Rolex watches and this is by far one of my favorite brands to wear and own, and it is always a pleasure to learn more about this prestigious company and brand.

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Rolex – A Timeline of the History of Fine Watches

Rolex Infographic.