Oscar for Best WatchYou’ve got to love the Oscar’s. The pomp and circumstance as the actors parade up and down the red carpet, stopping at just the right time for pictures from the crowd and paparazzi.  Showing their dresses and jewels, tuxes and shoes off to a tee.  As if they have trained their whole careers for this one moment.

Of course, we all know they did spend that whole day getting ready for that one moment in the spotlight of borrowed time, because we know no one gets up looking that fabulous. And fabulous they looked.  I gave out Diamond Awards on The Diamond Buyer for Best Jewelry for the red carpet yesterday, and today I want to give out Watch Awards for best watches on the red carpet at the Oscars in 2013.

The Dress Watch

What I love about the Oscars is the elegance.  I am not a huge tuxedo fan, so I don’t pay much attention to that, but when you can get a glimpse of a fabulous slim dress watch, my heart skips a beat, and these watches that were glimpsed, and yes, they were just glimpses beneath the sleeves of the tuxedos, were phenomenal.

It also doesn’t hurt that on my list I actually like the actors who are wearing these timepieces.  There was just one watch that I am not quite sure who it is by and I am thinking it isn’t something I love.  Sir Elton John, you might have made a poor choice this time around!!

The Award For Best Watch On The Red Carpet Goes To

Jeremy Renner for his Van Cleef & Arpels

Jeremy Renner in Van Cleef Watch

Eddie Redmayne for his Omega

Eddie Redmayne in Omega Watch

Bradley Cooper for his IWC

Bradley Cooper in IWC Watch

Hugh Jackman for his Piaget

Hugh Jackman in Piaget Watch

And a Tomato Award has to go out to Sir Elton John for This

Elton John Watch

*Photos courtesy of Getty Images and http://www.watchonista.com